#5PAPERS – Week 5

  1. Reference to the Article 

Landemore, H. E. (2012). Why the Many Are Smarter thatn the Few and Why it Matters. Journal of Public Deliberation, 8(1), 1-14.

  1. What attracted me to this Article?

I’ve had Helene’s book for some time but haven’t read much of it and I want to know the ‘guts’ of her argument. Plus I need to know a bit more about the theory around the ‘wisdom of crowds’ for a work related purpose – so this paper helps me in both with my PhD and my work.

  1. What is it about? (Problem / Purpose / Research Questions)

Landemore’s paper addresses the tension, particularly in relation to democracy, between the idea that people as a group (can) make better decisions than individuals and the opposite view that sees group decision-making as equating to ‘mob rule’. Read the rest of this entry »