#5Papers: mini-publics – macro consequences?


Dryzek JS, with Niemeyer S. Foundations and Frontiers of Deliberative Governance. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2010. Chapter 8 ‘Mini-publics and their Macro Consequences’ pp155-176

What attracted me to this Article / Chapter?

I was surprised I hadn’t come across this chapter before, even though I had borrowed this book from the library before. The macro consequences or macro impact (as I’m calling it) of deliberative mini-publics is what my PhD research is all about, so I wanted to know how John approached this topic and to see how his conceptualization of macro consequences relates to my macro impacts.

What is it about? (Problem / Purpose / Research Questions)

This chapter is part of a larger book about deliberative democracy, as the title of the book suggests, looking at the foundational aspects of deliberative democracy as well as future directions (frontiers). As well as the lessons that these processes can provide for deliberative democrats more broadly – both practically and normatively.
This chapter looks at the role of mini-publics in the broader system of democracy as well as the ‘deliberative system’. Read the rest of this entry »