#5Papers, May 2016


Dryzek, J.S. The Informal Logic of Institutional Design in The Theory of Institutional Design Goodin, R.E. (ed.) 1996 Cambridge University Press Cambridge pp103-125

What attracted me to this Article / Chapter?     

Selen Ercan referred me to this chapter as she thought it would be relevant to my research. Thanks Selen!

What is it about? (Problem / Purpose / Research Questions)

Dryzek is proposing a particular approach to achieving institutional change/redesign. He suggests there is an important relationship between attempts at institutional design and discourses – what he calls the “informal aspect of institutional design” p103

He uses an analogy saying, “Discourses may best be treated as institutional software.” p104. Dryzek believes that without taking discourses into account institutional (re)design can only be maintained through dictatorship. Read the rest of this entry »